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CX3 Was conceptualized as a business services and holding company in 2015, operating initially in online media and investigative journalism, and has taken flight early in 2018 as a start up brand focused primarily on oil & gas sector clientele.

We are involved in the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) market, with a foundation & deep roots in the oil & gas quality assurance business, historically servicing the likes of major upstream oil & gas operators and midstream clientele through vendor surveillance, quality engineering, NDT, project management, coordination and consulting.

CX3 believes in a customer-first mentality, and seeks to identify and employ the very best service personnel in the industry while simultaneously creating strategic partnerships and alliances throughout the industry that will allow our clients access to freedom of choice, and a higher level of service quality. Since even the largest service providers operate as business units within businesses, operating as a smaller entity, while having a network of trusted business partners is no different. However, this allows additional flexibility in the perfection of the service supply chain network, and provides a greater flexibility in service options for the client, while also speeding up processes that tend to move more efficiently with small business fervor.

In many respects, the oil & gas industry has taken on a new form through innovations, downsizing, and efficiency improvements. In addition, there is a large skill and experience gap in the industry which needs to be filled by the creation of new ideas and startups that can make a difference in the way we perform, and the way we manage risk.

CX3’s mission is not to have the best of everything “in house”. Rather, it is a mission in unity, beneficial partnerships, freedom of choice, and helping our neighbors succeed while navigating a minefield of acquisition machines, unforgiving corporate entities, and unstable industry dynamics.

We believe in encouraging diversity and inclusion, embracing multiculturalism, and creating an atmosphere of collaboration and the forming of new ideas.

We believe CX3 can help provide what is lacking, and make the industry a better place.

Please reach out to contact@cx3g.com if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or service needs, or contact us using the form links below. Our privacy policy can be found here.

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