Assurance Services

Here you’ll find a brief overview of all CX3 Global services. We offer business support services in the form of assurance, business development, specialized manpower, and expert consultants to help you meet the challenges of business growth, branding, or project based support.

Quality Assurance

Need to verify the integrity of a production process? We can provide quality assurance and vendor surveillance services before, during, or after manufacturing operations. We can also monitor logistics for quality and safety, perform inventory inspections, or help with quality implementation. 

Expert Consulting

Sometimes you need expert advise. We can provide or identify subject matter experts for either remote or on site professional consulting or technical document creation or review.

Project Support

Do you have a project that requires personnel with a specialized skillet or certification? We can help you staff up your project with project based on/off site support, including coordination, project management,  and admin support.

Inspection & Testing

CX3 has partnered with a specialized robotic inspection, NDT, and engineering firm to bring you high tech inspection methods such as NDT, vertical crawlers, and advanced inspection techniques for a variety of applications.

What is Assurance?

Assurance services are designed to increase informational awareness and confidence in services, solutions, or products that are being provided or manufactured to the customer in order to reduce the level of risk that the customer faces. The goal is to be informed, and to make better decisions that in turn minimize risk.

Assurance relies upon an independent party evaluating mandatory procedural criteria or requirements, and comparing those criteria to an active system or process that can be observed in real time or through verifiable evidence. Assurance helps to evaluate the system or method to identify conflicts, errors, inefficiencies and shortcomings, but also serves to verify the level of system effectiveness. The party providing the assurance is generally contracted by an end user or buyer to evaluate the process or system of the manufacturer or service provider, and will report notable findings to the end user based upon predetermined customer requirements and industry or regulatory criteria.