Project Management

Do you have a project that requires personnel with a specialized skillet or certification? We can help you staff up your project with project based on site support for inspection, auditing, or supervision. 

On Site Inspection

CX3 can provide specialty manpower such as welding & coating inspection personnel, auditors, or manufacturing process witnesses for virtually any type of industrial manufacturing, maintenance, or logistics project.

Admin Support

Sometimes additional project workloads arise that take valuable time away from full time staff due to administrative duties that could be outsourced in a more cost effective way and without long term commitments. Tasks such as data entry and document reviews. We can help.

Project Coordination

Projects won’t run themselves. That’s why dedicated coordination efforts can make all the difference in the quality of work your customers receive. From lining up work visits, preparing work instructions, and communicating important information. Outsource it to CX3 for less hassle.

Project Management

With roots in large scale capital projects, we can provide project management professionals and support to support your work in various capacities, from supplying a dedicated project manager, to routine project audits, expediting services.

Why Choose CX3?

Working with CX3 means gaining a long term business partner that cares about your needs, challenges, and risks. With a focus on quality personnel, workmanship, and relationship, we believe we may be just the right partner you need for the future. A partner that can grow with you.